Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sole Spikes

Sole Spikes
Sole Spikes for ice fishing!!!
This blog post will be quite simple and short but I hope it shows the validity of this gear I was able to try out!

 No matter who you are, one of the most annoying and embarrassing things is when you slip and fall while ice fishing!  The same can be said while hunting, hiking, camping, fly fishing, or anywhere else where your terrain may be slippery or unstable.  To prevent these awkward and frustrating moments I strongly suggest you checking out Goat Head Sole Spikes!

These little guys are very affordable and can be used in all sorts of situations.  I tried them out specifically while ice fishing and was nothing but impressed with them.  I have seen and tried a few other products which are big and bulky which make you feel like you are walking with a cheese grater strapped to the bottom of your foot... The Sole Spikes are small and easy to instal into the bottom of your shoes or boots and gives you tremendous traction across the whole surface of your boots. 
Sole Spikes
Sole Spikes in packaging, you can also see their suggested pattern for installation.
The package I got came with 30 Sole Spikes and a small screw drive and bit.  The package gave me a simple patter as a suggestion to follow and I was able to install all the Sole Spikes into both my boots in less than 5 minutes.
Sole Spikes
Sole Spikes

While ice fishing I noticed a huge difference when walking out to my favorite spot becasue I wasn't slipping while trying to pull my sled and other gear.  After I got set up I was able to walk to and from each pole with ease without worrying about falling on my face.  They first day I tried them out there was about 1 1/2 inches of fresh snow on top of the slick ice and I didn't lose my footing once.  Earlier this year I will admit that I have turned around when I heard one of my JawJackers go off and have fallen flat on my face.
Sole Spikes
The Sole Spikes work great even when the snow packs into your boot tread
I think these Sole Spikes are one of those simple ice fishing accessories which make all the difference.  Once you have them you will never want to get on the ice without them again.   The Sole Spikes can also be worn when running outside in the winter, trail running in the summer, fly fishing, and lots of other activities.  These are a lot more than just an ice fishing product but they work great for how I used them!

JawJacker Ice Fishing
And not to mention every time I have used the Sole Spikes I have caught a lot of fish... Sooo... they may be the item to have in order to bring all the luck!

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