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Geigerrig Insulated Tube Garage

Geigerrig Tube Garage
Insulated Tube Garage by Geigerrig
Needing a simple gift idea for the outdoors enthusiast on your Christmas list? I would strongly recommend Geigerrig’s Tube Garage!  Straight up, this $30 dollar purchase will be one of those gifts they never thought to put on their list, yet find themselves using it more than any other gift they receive all year!  Let me explain why.  I will first explain how the Tube Garage works and then I will share with you the benefits and reasoning why this product will be one your outdoors person will use constantly. 

Geigerrig Tube Garage

This product is made by Geigerrig, which that in itself packs a reputation for going above and beyond the normal backpacking experience.  One thing I like about the Tube Garage is that it is compatible with any hydration pack you may have.  The Tube Garage is pretty much exactly what it sounds like… This contraption straps onto your backpack shoulder strap and encloses the hydration hose/tube in an insulated compartment.  The Tube Garage attaches by two Velcro straps which prevent it from sliding around on your shoulder strap during use.  The tube garage is also equipped with a side zipper to allow you to access your hydration tube whenever necessary by simply grabbing the zipper and opening the garage. 

Now, the benefits of using the Tube Garage! 

1st – Just like a garage for your vehicle, the Tube Garage protects your hydration tube from all of the outdoor elements.  Before I used the Tube Garage, I used to always get frustrated when using a hydration pack; if I ever put my pack down to rest, there were times I would realize that my drinking valve was covered in dirt, mud, or some other random substance.  Even with the Geigerrig, which sprays water rather than depends on the user to suck the water out of the bladder, I would have a difficult time cleaning off my drinking valve to the point where I didn’t taste whatever it was that was on it…

Geigerrig Tube GarageGeigerrig Tube Garage

2nd – Another benefit from using the Tube Garage is allowing yourself to forget about tubes and hoses!   No matter how many clips or loops my pack has on it to keep my hydration tube out of my face or out of the way of me doing other tasks, my hoses seem to have a mind of their own and always seem to get in the way!  With the Tube Garage your hose will always be secure tightly in the enclosed compartment unless you open it up and let it out.  This is a HUGE benefit for those who use hydration packs when hunting, especially archery hunting.  I myself have almost damaged my bow and my hydration pack because my hydration hose has gotten tangled up in my bow string while at full draw.  I would strongly suggest that anyone who archery hunts or anyone who enjoys the sport of archery shooting should get the Tube Garage.  
3rd – The last benefit I will mention about the Tube Garage is its durability!  The TubeGarage provides your hydration tubes with an insulated housing that protects it from the cold and elements you surround yourself with while doing so is a durable and compact fashion.  This product actually allows you more freedom, movement, and safety than any other simple $30 purchase I have seen.  Inside the Tube Garage there is also an internal pocket you can use to place a hand warmer in to use when in extremely cold conditions.  So no matter what pack, hydration system, terrain, and activity you will encounter, I can see the Tube Garage being one of your most simple yet rewarding items to have for yourself or for that outdoors person on your Christmas list!
Ice Fishing with Geigerrig Tube Garage
Ice Fishing in -16 degrees wasn't the most fun...
I used the Tube Garage in -16 degree weather without using a hand warmer (just because I forgot it at my house) to keep the tube warm/above freezing… I wish I could say that the Tube Garage was awesome enough to fight off the -16 degrees plus wind chill when keeping my tube above freezing but it is not the superman of insulated compartments.  In this type of weather without the assistance of the hand warmer it was a no-brainer that my hydration tubes ended up freezing. 

Geigerrig Tube GarageGeigerrig Tube Garage

I did use the Tube Garage again during another ice fishing trip when the temperature was a whopping +18 degrees.  This trip I still didn't use the hand warmer  and my hydration tubes stayed nice and free all day long without freezing or even icing up a little.  I strongly recommend this product as well as anything else Geigerrig makes.  I have not been anything but impressed with the quality and durability of all of their products I own.  

As with all reviews on Idaho Pursuit, the following review is my honest opinion. I am not a pro-staff member of, sponsored by, or associated with Geigerrig and am not accepting any  compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future but, as of the date of publication, no relationship other than described above has been pursued or established.

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