Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 Brothers Flies (Ice Flies)

This post will be pretty simple and to the point.  I was contacted by 3 Brother's Flies and asked to review a few of their ice flies in my area to see how they worked.  I have used ice flies a time or two in the past but haven't used them for years so I will admit I wasn't super confident in them working here in Idaho where I usually ice fish.  I received two types of flies to review and here they are:

1) The Slab Spike!
Slab Spike
 In the picture above you can see the fly hooked onto the end of my ice fishing rod.  I have always used bigger jigs than some of the typical ice flies so this one was pushing it for me being a #12.  The bead on the head of this ice fly is tungsten (3.5 mm) which made it nice for sinking it down to where the fish are.  The slab spike was the most popular with the fish on the day I used them and seemed to be what the fish were after.  The day I used them was actually a very slow fishing day and no one around us was getting any bites let alone catching fish.  I caught a few fish on the slab spike jigging while I also caught a few letting it sit and the fish would still grab it on their way by. 
Rainbow Trout Caught on the Slab Spike

Brook Trout caught on the Slab Spike

Now for my personal favorite.... Ice Fly #2!!!!!!

2) The Gill Shrimp!

Gill Shrimp

This little guy was also pretty popular with the fish.  I ended up tying this guy on about a 12 inches above my "go to" bait that has been my most productive jig.  The interesting thing is that there were a few fish who snagged up both baits while looking for some food but by the end of the day I ended up catching more off the Gill Shrimp than I did my bottom jig which in the past was always the #1 producer.  The Gill Shrimp is a #14 which was very small for me to use but the design of it was irresistible to the trout throughout the day.

This Brook Trout had both my jig and the ice fly in its mouth...
If you click on the nave of the fly in my post it will take you to a link where you can check out the prices of these flies as well as the different sizes you can order.  Be sure to check out 3 Brother's Flies for more of their products which is way more the ice flies!  Thanks again for the opportunity to review the flies!

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