Friday, July 22, 2016

Hawke Optics Enduranec 2.5-10X50 LR Dot IR Rifle Scope Review

With Idaho's hunt results out now, it is time to do all the necessary preparation to get ready for hunting season.  To ensure you make the best possible shot, like most hunters, you probably have things to do to make sure everything is set.  I got out recently to make sure my rifle was still sighted in for this next hunting season and was reminded about why I love this scope.  This past hunting season I have used the Hawke Optics 2.5-10X50 30mm Rifle scope on my 300 Win Mag, and LOVE IT! Here is my take on the scope. Before I get into the review, let me inform you that I have used this scope to a great extent including in the rain, wind, sun, snow, and it even rolled down a mountain with a log (not on purpose).  In all situations before and after all of this wear and testing, I will let you know how I feel this scope has performed!

When I first got the scope I was impressed with the size and weight of it compared to the scope I had on my rifle before.  The scope measures in at 13.4" long and weighes in at 22.5 ounces, which I feel is a great fit for my rifle.  It also comes with a 4" sunshade that you can choose to attach to the front of the scope--but of course that adds an additional 4" and a few more ounces. For my review, I used this scope multiple times with and without the sunshade to get a good feel for both.

When using the scope in the field, I loved how clear the optic was.  That is one thing I have to praise Hawke about--the quality of their glass has always been impressive!  This scope has the same amazing quality and clarity as all of their other products I have used.  It didn't matter if I was on the lowest zoom or if I was zoomed up to the 10 power; the clarity and lighting was always amazing.  The size, lighting, and overall view of the scope made looking through it such a breeze while hunting.  I have used a few scopes that were good, but when I cranked up the zoom the image clarity would get a bit fuzzy and blurred.  Hawke Optics puts a 16 layer multi-coated finish on their glass to maximize the clarity.  Attention to detail while hunting is an aspect that this scope is able to provide you in every situation.

LR Dot Reticle
The second thing I really like while using the scope in the field was the reticle.  On this scope, I chose the LR Dot reticle, which is for the long distance situations.  I absolutely love it because it takes a lot of the guess work out of things while in the field.  The reticle is set up so that if I sight in dead on at 100 yards, the lower aim points will be for 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards.  This is great for when I want to shoot at a wide range of distances without adjusting my scope in many of the unpredictable situations I encounter while hunting.  I was a bit skeptical that the lower aim points would be on, but after sighting in my scope, I can assure you that the reticle is set up perfectly for my rifle.

Another good thing is that you can download the Hawke Optic app, which will calculate where each aim point will hit based on your different load and caliber of rifle.  All you have to do is put in the following: 1) the info of the scope you have, 2) your caliber of rifle, 3) the load. This will tell you right were you will hit at each aim point according to the drop of your bullet.  One more plus about this scope is that it has a built in illumination that you can use to illuminate the etched reticles in the glass.  Of course, check to make sure this feature is legal in your state, but I can say it is a great feature for simply sighting in your rifle.  I take the battery out during hunting season so that it is not a temptation for me to use while hunting.
 Another great feature of the rifle is how easy it is to use.  The fast focus eyebell, the high torque zoom ring, and the no snag low profile fingertip turrets make using the scope super easy and convenient.  I love being able to focus the scope or zoom in with a easy adjustment while looking through the scope.  The scope designed so that you can make every adjustment while looking through the scope with ease.  Also, each end of the scope has screw-in metal flip-up covers.  This is awesome because you don't have to purchase any additional lens covers that add bulk to your scope.  Seems how I put this scope on my 300 win mag, I loved that the flip-up lens covers were very thin and didn't take away from my eye relief.  The eye relief on this scope is 4" which gives me some confidence that I shouldn't scope myself as long as I don't do anything stupid.  Even if you choose to attach the 4" sunshade I mentioned earlier, the sunshade also allows the screw-in lens cover to be attached to your scope.  These are great especially when hunting in the rain or snow, or just as a way to protect the glass.  I'll admit, I have used the 4" sunshade more to keep my scope dry than I have to keep the sun from creating a glare while hunting. 

I have heard that the only limitation to a a rifle is the scope you have on it, and the person pulling the trigger.  As I mentioned, I have tried a hand full of other scopes and even though I have liked some of them, I have never been as impressed or committed to any other scope as I am with the Endurance 2.5-10X50 Scope.  After using this scope for close to a year, I would have to say that this scope is a great addition to have on my rifle.  With Hawke, your products are covered under a Lifetime World-Wide Warranty, and the reputation of providing a quality product.  I will be honest, I don't know all of the details about how they build their products or all the science/engineering that goes into them, but I can attest that I have used some of their other products now for close to years and have been nothing but impressed with them.  I have put this scope through a lot of different conditions and situations, and it has performed flawlessly in every situation.  I have never had any problems with the scope fogging up, not functioning properly, or any other type of issue.  If you are in the market for a quality scope for a reasonable price you should do yourself a favor and at least check out the Hawke Optic rifle scopes.
Sunshield attachment
This scope comes in at $369.99 and is built to last. I'll admit, on a recent outing, I had my share of bad luck while cutting some firewood--I put my rifle with the scope leaning up against the down hill side of a tree.  Then, rolling down the hill at full speed, a log I cut caught my shoulder sling from behind the tree and took my rifle another 20 yards down the mountain with it... The event broke the stock of my gun... I ordered a new stock, replaced it, and without making any adjustments, my scope, it was STILL dead on.... That may be a bit of luck, but I can't help but be impressed when a scope gets thrown around, banged up, rolled over by a log, and STILL remains sighted in!  I definitely don't recommend going as far as throwing a log down a hill toward the scope to see if it stands up to the abuse, but I will attest to the durability and reliability of the Endurance 2.5-10X50 rifle scope!
A doe I shot last year with my Hawke Scope at 310 yards

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