Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ice-fishing Is Coming!!!

So I have been thinking non-stop about ice-fishing lately.  Some people think ice-fishing is crazy and stupid but I absolutely love it! One reason I love it so much is because in my area I am able to use up to 5 poles per person while ice-fishing which can make for a very exciting time when the fish are really biting!  Without going on and on about lots of the other reasons why I love ice-fishing I want to share with you my top 3 items that I feel are essential to ice-fishing!

#1 - Ice Shelter
My Eskimo Quick Fish 6
I know there are plenty of times that I take my ice shelter and do not use it, but I can't express how essential one is when you do need it! It is like the common saying that you never realize how much you need something until you don't have it... Even on the days when it is good weather and great fishing it is good to have the shelter set up and a place to keep your gear.  I have used the shelter to not only keep me warm on the freezing cold bad weather days, but I have also used it to keep me from getting sun-burnt on the clear calm days sitting on a snow covered frozen lake which refects the sun rays no matter what direction you turn!  A shelter can also be used to dry out wet clothing if you have a heater or some other heat source inside.

#2 - The JawJacker!!!!!

JawJacker with a nice brook trout I caught

Another view of the JawJacker
If this contraption is legal in your state then get one!!! Honestly it has been a blast using this product and I have zero complaints about it!  For those who don't know what the JawJacker is, it is an ice-fishing pole holder which holds your pole bent down and then releases the tip of the pole when a fish bites your bait... this release allows the bent pole to straighten out and set the hook for you resulting in more hook-ups when ice-fishing.  I wrote a post review about this product last year and if you want to read more about it be sure to check it out here.  I will be posting videos of me using this product this year and hopefully get some footage of me pulling out some great fish. This product is great as a pole holder if you are able to fish with more than one pole.  I know some people who use these on all of their poles while I myself like to use them on a few while jigging the others.

#3 - Sled
My Otter Ice-Fishing sled
As basic as this item is, you can never leave home without it! I am also realizing now that it is better if you get a bigger sled than you need so that when you take extra people with you or extra gear you don't have to small of a sled!!! My dad is always giving me a bad time because I convinced him that I only needed a small sled for ice-fishing and now I am always asking him if I can borrow his bigger sled... I have seen people build their own as well as build a 2 story sled which is like having a sled with an upper shelf.

Bonus Item #4
Ice Fishing Success
Have something unique which makes you stand out!  I have a hat my wife bought me when she was in Russia a few years ago... This hat has now become my favorite/lucky ice-fishing hat!  Things like this just add to the fun and craziness that often goes on while ice-fishing... Like I mentioned earlier some people think I'm crazy because I love to sit on a frozen lake and try to pull fish through a hole.  This hat just keeps those rumors and people talking :) Make it fun!

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