Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hunting Superstitions and Traditions

Archery Hunter

For me in South Eastern Idaho, archery season for deer and elk starts this Thursday! I'm like a little kid on the night before Christmas every year when hunting season comes around.  My wife thinks I'm obsessed, my boss thinks I'm crazy, and I think I'm glad neither one of them can read my thoughts to know exactly how much I think about hunting. I work with individuals who have mental disorders and I know I shouldn't be so obsessed about hunting but I am and that's the way I'm staying. 

On that note, I've taken some time to contemplate the oddness of my obsession (some of you may be able to relate), and I've concluded that my boss may be correct about thinking I am a bit crazy.  I have heard of other hunters swearing by a lucky hat, or lucky hunting shirt that they have to wear no matter how old or worn out it is.  I personally know a guy who stops shaving the week of opening day and will not shave until he shoots something (right now he is sporting a year long beard).  It must be true, we hunters are crazy... We carry around rabbit's feet, buckeyes, lucky coins, and other random idols believing they really make a difference... Or do they?

Every opening day I have my own tradition to lay out all my hunting clothes the night before on my living room floor, making a silhouette of what I will look like in the morning.  Then opening morning, I grab me mountain dew and some raspberry filled powder doughnuts for breakfast.  When I get to where I park my jeep I HAVE to put on my lucky hunting gloves, no matter what the temperature is! If I do not follow this routine on opening day, I might as well stay home because I can almost guaranty you that I won't have any luck.

Lucky Gloves
Lucky Gloves!

 Call it superstition, buck fever, or even call it crazy, all I know is that I will do anything to up my odds of filling my tag.  As I have mentioned I know I'm not the only one with hunting traditional or superstitions so please leave a comment letting me know what some of you do. Maybe then I can show my wife that I'm not the only one!



  1. Thanks for shareing with us Kevin. Its nice to know that other people are as "particular" with their hunting traditions as we are. Good read Kevin

  2. Great read Kevin. I personally like the Raspberry filled doughnuts... Good memories there!