Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lucky Shot USA Review - 20MM Bottle Opener and 30MM Shot Glass

 Recently, I had the opportunity to review a 20MM Vulcan Bullet Bottle Opener as well as a 30mm A-10 Shell Shot Glass from Lucky Shot USA.  Just to give you a little bit of info on this company, Lucky Shot is a family owned and operated company who is dedicated to keep the military history alive through providing bottle openers, shot glasses, and many other products.  They make 12 gauge brass magnets, bullet casing tire valve covers, pens, and many other awesome items to help preserve the military heritage and way of life!  All of their products are built out of refinished/repurposed military munition which carry a significant meaning when using the product in a different setting.

With the 20MM Vulcan Bullet Bottle Opener, you get a card certifying it's authenticity which states: "This brass shell casing is authentic, fired by an procured from the US Military." The shell has been refinished, polished, and has had a expertly milled aluminum tip resembling the projectile for this round.  In case you were wondering what type of gun shoots a 20MM Vulcan round, this is the cannon style Gatling gun mounted on a F-16 Fighter jet.  If that doesn't impress you then I'm not sure what will...

The bottle opener is 3 times the size of a 50 cal. and measures out at just over 6 1/2 inches long.  This is definitely not a bottle opener you are going to lose or have a hard time finding when needed.  Needless to say, the product works well and opens bottles.  This review isn't necessarily to tell you how well it works, but more rather, to tell you how I feel this is a bottle opener with a purpose as well as a story behind it.  You can personally design your bottle openers with custom engravings or even choose one of their colored shell casings to create your own style of bottle opener.  Each bottle opener comes in a slick looking black bag with a drawstring top to protect it when storing it in a cupboard or drawer.  With the manliness behind using a 20MM Vulcan shell as a bottle opener as well as being able to personalize it with a custom engraving, I feel that this is a great gift idea for the military personnel or gun enthusiast in your life.  The 20MM bottle opener costs $24.99 without any engraving.

The 30MM shot glass is made out of a shell casing from a A-10 Warthog's (Thunderbolt II) GAU-8/A  Avenger seven barrel Gatling-type cannon.  The shot glass hold up to 2.25 ounces.  The only down side to the shot glass is that it is no dishwasher safe, just to avoid losing the vibrant color which has been put on the shell casing.  Other than that, it is completely safe to drink out of and is another item that can be personalized with engraving as well as one of their multiple color options.  They also have pre-made shot glasses with "Don't Treat on Me", "'Merica Est. 1776" and other patriotic/military friendly slogans.  The 30MM shot glass runs $14.99 without engraving and carries with it, a piece of history.

Both of these items are great conversation starters, gifts, keepsakes, as well as functional manly style house hold items.  Who wants a simple bottle opener when you can rock a 20MM Vulcan Bullet Bottle Opener! Without fail, every time I pull out my new bottle opener when we have guests over, everyone asks to see it and asks me what it is.  I am not huge into the military culture nor do I know a lot about the ammunition they use in the military, but I do appreciate the history and culture these products and company stands behind.   If you are looking for a good gift idea, a new addition to your man cave, or just curious about their other products, be sure to check out

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