Friday, April 24, 2015

Hat Giveaway!

I have mentioned this on my social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but I thought I would go into more detail and explain how I am handling my hat giveaways.  I pretty much adopted the idea of Geo-Caching where I pick a random location, hide a hat, and then post the GPS coordinants and pics for people to go find.

The purpose behind this is to offer my followers some cool giveaways but don't just ask them to like a picture or tag a friend.  I will also do other giveaways on my blog and other mediums where you don't have to be in Idaho to win.  I just wanted to motivate people to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery Idaho has to offer.  It seemed kind of contradictory to have a blog and social media outlet which is focused on the outdoors then reward people for being on their computer or indoors all of the time.  Sooo..  here we go for a giveaway!!!

Alright folks, If you are in the Eagle Idaho area (or close by) we have hid an Idaho Pursuit hat in the Eagle Island State Park. So if you need something to do in the morning here is your first clue/photo

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