Tuesday, December 30, 2014

JawJacker Giveaway

ice fishing
Alright people,  I have definitely had some adventures lately.  Sad to say I haven't done as much ice fishing as I would have liked, but none the less I have been able to get out on the ice a few times.  One of the things that kept me off the ice a few weeks was vehicle problems... On my way home from ice fishing a few weeks ago, my rear left tire decided it didn't want to tied down any more and popped off at 65 miles per hour!  With the sparks flying and my nerves rushing, I luckily pulled off to the side of the road and watched my tire plummet down to the bottom of a canyon!  Long story short, I was glad I did a lot more praying than cussing in this situation and I am glad that things didn't end worse than they did!
jeep tire fell off

Between vehicle problems and the busyness of the holidays I counted myself lucky to get out when I did, and luckily I had decent success every time I've been fishing so far.  I can honestly say that my success would not be as high if I didn't have the JawJackers!  While other people next to me are getting skunked and not catching fish, I have all my JawJackers spread out trying to locate fish and up my odds of getting one to bite.  On one of my trips this year I was fishing with 5 other people which meant we could have 25 rods out...  We weren't having success so we started drilling more holes and putting out every rod we had.  Luckily through this process we started catching fish.  The interesting part about it was that every fish we caught was on the JawJacker and was out of the same exact hole! That day we ended up catching 18 fish while the group next to us walked away with 2. 
Here is a video of me ice fishing Henry's Lake in Idaho!

I've said it again and again but every time I go ice fishing next to someone who doesn't use the JawJackers, I am reminded of why I have become such a strong believer in them.  Don't get me wrong, you still need to know where to fish and what to use for bait, but the JawJacker increases your chances of changing fish every time you use them!  I have caught some amazing fish through the ice and couldn't imagine fishing without the JawJacker.  Just like last year I want to share this joy with someone else by giving away a free JawJacker.  In partner with the JawJacker Twitter account @JawJackerFishin we are giving away a free JawJacker to one lucky follower so here is how you can get entered!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Remember that you can tweet about this giveaway every day to get two more entries for your chance to win this JawJacker!

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