Monday, August 12, 2013

My Top 3 Reasons I Look Forward To Hunting Season!

Many of you are like me as in that we are counting down the days (maybe even the hours/minutes) until hunting season begins.  Those who don't hunt they think we are just a bunch of crazy fools who have nothing better to do with our lives.  There are a lot of different reasons why we each enjoy hunting season so much and look forward to it every year just like a little kid looks forward to Christmas day.  While thinking about all of the different reasons why I look forward to hunting season I narrowed it down to my top three reasons and decided to share them with you.

The Adventure/Challenge - I love the outdoors and absolutely love the sense of adventure that comes with hunting season.  Even after hunting an area for 10 years straight I still experience different situations all season long.  Each season I have to remind myself that the animals I am hunting are always adapting so I in return need to adapt and advance my hunting strategies every year to keep ensure being successful.  This to me is a new adventure every time I hit my hunting area.  Using trail cameras and other scouting methods to keep up on the game is always an adventure to me.

I also enjoy the adventure of finding new places to hunt.  Whether it is because an old area isn't producing the animals you would like, or if it is because you just want to change things up, finding a new hunting area is always an adventure and challenge.  Going through the challenge of learning a new hunting area, where the animals travel, bed, feed, or flee to when they are spooked is one of my favorite yet frustrating parts of hunting to me at times. There are many times you put in a lot of work to find a new spot just to find out that the area is a dud.... but that one time you find an area that has exactly what you are looking for is worth all of those other failed scouting trips.

The Outdoors - This is similar to my point above but I think of it differently.  Words cannot describe how amazing it is to be sitting in a tree stand for hours until you watch a wild animal slowly make its way into the perfect spot allowing you to make the shot.  Even if you never see the "shooter" or the animal you are after, spending that time in the outdoors surrounded by nature is truly indescribable.  There are areas I have been that make you feel like you may be the first person to ever step foot in that area because of how majestic it is.  Times like that remind me that hunting is more than just filling a tag or bagging a trophy.  Simply enjoying the area you are blessed to be in is by far one of the greatest privilages we share as hunters! It doesn't matter where you hunt, every area has something unique to offer.  You may not have the Grand Teton's in view or maybe not some monumental landmark of some kind but as outdoors men and women you can find the beauty each area is hiding for those who seek for it.

The last reason I look forward to hunting season so much is because of who I spend it with! Family and Friends -  For me my hunting season is primarily with family but occasionally I get out with a friend or two and go on a hunt.  It doesn't matter if you have one hunting buddy or fifty, all of us who have someone to hunt with recognizes the joy that comes from sharing the hunting experience with someone else.  There have been times that I have gone hunting by myself and seen some pretty amazing animals and/or areas but trying to put those experiences into words so that someone else can understand what you've seen is extremely hard to do effectively.

Another plus that comes with hunting around friends and family is simply the joy of humor! Last year I briefly went out hunting with my brother and dad while we showed a friend how we hunted together as a family.  That friend filmed our hunt and put us on a video he called Elk Tour along with 3 other groups of hunters.  What I enjoyed the most about watching the video after it was finished was that no matter what group of hunters you were watching, you heard just as many laughs (if not more) than you heard elk bugling! Everyone's humor is not the same which important to remember while you're hunting and having a good time.  It is important that you not get caught up in trying to be someone you're not.  When you are being yourself and having a good time, naturally those around you will also enjoy the hunt.
 Here is the trailer for Elk Tour

As I mentioned earlier, there are times that I hunt alone and I enjoy those hunts as well.  There is nothing against hunting by yourself nor is it any less of an adventure/experience.  These are my three top reasons of why I look forward to hunting season so much.  If you have any other reasons please share them in a comment below!

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