Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Fishing Favorites

Henrys Lake Hybrid Trout
Trout I caught a few years back!

This time of yeah my hunting obsession is usually overcome by my fishing obsession!  As much as I love hunting and everything about hunting, I would have to say that I probably spend more time fishing than I do hunting.  With that being said, I am definitely not one to claim to be an expert fisherman!  I enjoy it does not always mean that I know what I'm doing.  I have never been much of a fly fisherman so my post today will be on spinner fishing and lure fishing.  I typically spend time fishing in a few reservoirs, lakes, and rivers in South Eastern Idaho so here are a few of the things that have worked for me.
In early spring I have found a few items that have worked well for me especially during some of the early insect hatches.  The first would have to be my "go-to" spinner which has brought me quite a bit of luck.  I use a #1 silver Mepps Aglia Spinner which can be found in pretty much any store that sells fishing equipment.  I have used different sizes of this same spinner and have found luck with sizes 0-3.  They typically say that the bigger spinner you use the larger the fish you will catch, but I have found that the size 1 is a great size to catch numbers of fish as well as pulling in a few good sized fish.

My next favorite lure to use is a #5 or #7 Rainbow colored CountDown Rapala.  When using this lure be sure to know the depth of water you are fishing in.  The number 5 CountDown Rapala will typically run 3-6 feet deep while the number 7 will typically swim around 5-8 feet deep.  If the fish are surfacing in the area you are fishing be sure to use a smaller lure to be closer to the top of the water.  I have heard people say that fish will always come up to their food but will very rarely swim down to get food.  This lure is especially good when the Brown Trout are spawning and are aggressive.

My third lure I use quite often is a imitation minnow.  I use the Berkley Minnow as often as I go fishing.  The thing I like about this bait is that it is as life like as you can get without actually being a real minnow.  The smell and feel of these things are just like a real minnow but with it being a rubber body it last much longer while fishing than fishing with the real thing. 

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