Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great Idahoan Day!

What a day what a day!
My day started off by going to an amazing archery shoot put on by my local archery club Upper Snake River Bowmen. The shoot was a blast.  My brother Travis, my dad, and my friend Earl ended up going with me to the shoot.  The club recently got a few new targets which was nice to change things up.  I'll admit, even with a few new targets, I never expected to see this one!
Stegosaurus 3D Target
That's right a Stegosaurus... Pretty fun for a change up!

3D Archery Shoot
My Dad shooting a monster buck!

After the shoot I met my older brother to take his son fishing.  We had a blast helping his son cast out his pole and watching him real in his bobber.  The pond we went to was recently stocked by the local fish and game department and was a great place to take my 2 1/2 year old nephew for a fun fishing trip.

After catching a few little hatchery fish I had the itch to take off to the mountains and catch something that I could bring home for dinner! I took off up to the mountains and found myself on a long dirt road winding through the trees.  I stopped and went on a short walk to stretch my lets and luckily found some brain mushrooms.  These mushrooms are similar to a morel mushroom.  I found enough to make a meal out of them so I was happy. 

I jumped back in my Jeep and headed to the lake.  When I got there I knew I only had a couple of hours before the sun went down, and I didn't know how long I wanted to be there without mosquito repellent.  I cast out my pole and sat back and enjoyed the beautiful Idaho scenery.

This is one of my favorite places in the world! I grew up camping in this exact camp site and have fished here ever since I could remember.  At this point I had already had such a great day, I was completely content just sitting up against my Jeep relaxing watching the sun go down.  After I had sat there for about 45 minutes I contemplated calling it a day, but it was then that I saw my line move.  Sure enough I was getting a bite and the next thing I knew I was fighting a 22 inch Rainbow trout which weighed 3.4 pounds.  It was a great fish at the perfect time to end my short fishing trip.

Rainbow Trout

 I packed up and headed home so that I could clean up for the night and get some food in me before I went to sleep.  If you ask me, there is almost nothing better than a home cooked meal that you provided yourself! I had fresh trout and brain mushrooms as fresh as you could ask for!

Fish and Mushrooms


All in all, It was a wonderful day to live in South Eastern Idaho! Between the family, the friends, the activities/hobbies, and the wonderful area I live in, I don't know how it could get any better...


  1. I used to love doing this kind of outdoor stuff. I was never into archery, but I love fishing and being in the Eastern Idaho outdoors. Sounds and looks like it was a great day :)


    1. Yeah Shane it was a great day! Next time you're around we'll have to go fishing together.

  2. Great day indeed. Glad you were able to come fish with us, by the way I think my fishing luck improved.