Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Starting the blog

I have been quite impressed with my brothers blog and how it has increased his love and passion for the outdoors.  He and I have always been avid outdoor-men, but with his recent blogging it seems to have sparked a side of the outdoors that I had not thought about.  He constantly shares with me the conversations he has had with other hunters about the sport, and mentions ideas that he and I can try next time we are out and about.  Due to his blog I am attempting to follow in his footsteps, not to "tag along", but more out of a desire to protect my passion.  Not matter what the activity outdoors, I am an avid participant in it.  Everything from hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, or off roading, you name it I'm for it.  That is why my blog is called Idaho Pursuit, I'm a fan of anything in Idaho that involves a chase, hunt, search, quest, detection, tracking down, hobby, or recreation.  Once again this is me following my older brothers footsteps and his blog at :   Thanks Bro.


  1. Congrats on the blog! It will be fun to have a different perspective on some of the stuff we do but also to have you share some of your own adventures with us.

  2. Yeah I just hope I don't start this, but don't keep up on it... I'll do my best

  3. Sounds good to me! I will be following along for sure.